Whatever Floats Your Boat

Capsized boat art, entitled “Love love” A fantastic piece of art from artist Julien Berthier. It is the perfect vessel if you love people speeding towards you and asking “Do you need any help?”. So good I wish I thought of it first.

The Incredible Crocheted World of Olek

olimpius nr 1, © olek I recently discovered the Polish Artist Olek and I love her colorful, thought-provoking installations. Olek herself says about her work:”I think crochet, the way I create it, is a metaphor for the complexity and interconnectedness of our body and its systems and psychology. The connections are stronger as one fabric … Continued

Typeface Winner #1 Glober

I love using the classics—Helvetica, Frutiger, Gill Sans, Garamond,, etc.—but I need typefaces that are designed for print AND the screen. Many of the classics are not available for web use. I want typefaces optimized for screen readability and legibility. Whenever I am starting a new identity or logo design project, I keep in mind … Continued

Set shields to Dazzle!

Dazzle camouflage was a painting technique used on ships during World War I and II. The goal was to make it difficult to estimate the ship’s type, speed and direction upon initial sighting. The painted ships had the unintended effects of boosting crew morale and creating a spectacle at the docks. Massive vessels painted up … Continued

The Space Needle View in 1962

Vintage Seattle is cool blog that looks at Seattle’s history with hi-res vintage photos and illustrations. Photo shows a view south toward downtown Seattle from the Space Needle. The tracks for the Monorail run toward downtown. The edge of the observation platform is visible at the bottom of the photo. 1962. Image courtesy Washington State … Continued

Golden Tree—The Best Hostel in the Pacific Northwest

We spent the 4th of July weekend up on Orcas Island at Golden Tree Hostel and it was amazing. This place will charm your socks off. I have stayed at hostels all over the world, and this is one of the best. Breath-taking scenery, friendly people, GOOD free coffee in the mornings, hot tub, sauna, … Continued

Adorable Book Reminds Us to Embrace Friendship

I’ll never forget the feeling I had my first day in Seattle. It was rainy. I was full of self-doubt, alone, and scared. I had a knot in my stomach that lingered for weeks. This artsy book about friendship reminds me of this time. It reminds me of all the times I was lonely, the … Continued

Street Art in Cleveland: A Season for Change

I saw this urban mural near Detroit Ave. on a recent visit to Cleveland, Ohio. Google image search didn’t lead me to the artist, so I am not sure who to credit. I did find images of the almost complete colorful street mural, references to this Walt Whitman poem, and that it was commissioned by Cleveland Public Theatre. … Continued

Jessica Hagy’s New Book How to Live at the Intersection of Wonder, Awe, and Curiosity

Jessica Hagy’s new book How to Be Interesting: (In 10 Simple Steps), is less of a guide on how to be interesting and more of a way to push yourself to live at the intersection of wonder, awe, and curiosity. Hagy’s simple life lessons, paired down to a few sentences and a fun hand drawn graph shows us how to lead a richer life. This reads as dose of inspiration and would make a great graduation gift.

Logo Design: Golden Tree Hostel

We had the privilege of working with Golden Tree Hostel, a brand new hostel on Orcas Island. Blank Space and Golden Tree collaborated to create their new iconic logo design. Below you will see the final logo design and preferred colors we landed upon, as well as some of the icon design concepts presented in … Continued