Street Art in Cleveland: A Season for Change

I saw this urban mural near Detroit Ave. on a recent visit to Cleveland, Ohio. Google image search didn’t lead me to the artist, so I am not sure who to credit. I did find images of the almost complete colorful street mural, references to this Walt Whitman poem, and that it was commissioned by Cleveland Public Theatre. … Continued

Jessica Hagy’s New Book How to Live at the Intersection of Wonder, Awe, and Curiosity

Jessica Hagy’s new book How to Be Interesting: (In 10 Simple Steps), is less of a guide on how to be interesting and more of a way to push yourself to live at the intersection of wonder, awe, and curiosity. Hagy’s simple life lessons, paired down to a few sentences and a fun hand drawn graph shows us how to lead a richer life. This reads as dose of inspiration and would make a great graduation gift.

Logo Design: Golden Tree Hostel

We had the privilege of working with Golden Tree Hostel, a brand new hostel on Orcas Island. Blank Space and Golden Tree collaborated to create their new iconic logo design. Below you will see the final logo design and preferred colors we landed upon, as well as some of the icon design concepts presented in … Continued

Embrace your inner three-year-old.

My niece Sara Jo at age three:) I watched this Neil Pasricha’s TED Talk a few days ago and it has really stuck with me. According to Neil the key to living a rich meaningful life is all about the 3 A’s of Awesome: Attitude, Awareness, and Authenticity. Attitude is having the courage to face … Continued

Laser-cut Honey Labels

2011 was the year I learned to keep bees. I got stung about a dozen times. I began the season with two hives and ended with one (moment of silence). I accidentally smashed more of the little ladies than I care to count. I was made to feel even worse about my failings by this … Continued


My favorite color is all-of-them, unfortunately you can’t use all-of-them at once usually. The closest you can come is a nice set of primaries. RYB, CMYK, and RGB are all great choices. Artists Carnovsky (Francesco Rugi & Silvia Quintanilla) have created a beautiful installation that plays with space, light, and primary colors. Currently on display … Continued

New Seattle Street Art Book—A Time Capsule of Urban Aesthetics

  Awhile back we posted about a Snapshot of  Seattle Street Art. Since then A. Tarantino has been busy documenting the ever evolving street art in Seattle. He is following up his original book with Seattle Street Art: A Visual Time Capsule Beyond Graffiti (Volume 2), and is in the process of publishing Seattle Street Art (Volume 3) due … Continued

Simplicity Home Energy—Brand Identity Design

Simplicity Home Energy, specializes in residential energy efficiency in the Pacific Northwest. Simplicity hired Blank Space to do design their identity system and website. See the final logo and our computer sketches below. The trademark, although the most important key element, can never tell the whole story. At best it conveys one or two notions … Continued

Vacuum Cleaners Made from Salvaged Ocean Trash

Electrolux introduces its Vac from the Sea initiative: vacuum cleaners constructed with pieces of ocean debris. Each of the five vacuum cleaners pictured above represents the ocean or sea where the plastics originated. They are fully functional, and built with the same core as the Ultra One Green-model vacuum cleaners. This Swedish company has scavenged … Continued