DIY Platform Bed

When we need a new piece of furniture I often try to make a project out of it. This is because I’m cheap and I need to make something outside of a computer occasionally. When we upgraded our bed to a California King I decided I would make the platform for the new foam mattress. The … Continued

Only by taking charge of your day-to-day can you truly make an impact in what matters most to you. I urge you to build a better routine by stepping outside of it, find your focus by rising above the constant cacophony, and sharpen your creative prowess by analyzing what really matters most when it comes to making your ideas happen.
—Scott Belsky, Founder of Behance

Work Proactively & Focus Your Time on what Matters

“Only by taking charge of your day-to-day can you truly make an impact in what matters most to you. I urge you to build a better routine by stepping outside of it, find your focus by rising above the constant cacophony, and sharpen your creative prowess by analyzing what really matters most when it comes … Continued

Crawford’s Imaginative Book Gives Whitman’s Masterpiece a New Landscape

Whitman Illuminated: Song of Myself designed by Allen Crawford; combines Walt Whitman’s acclaimed “Song of Myself” with Crawford’s inventive illustrations and hand drawn lettering. It’s quite impressive, so much so that design superhero Milton Glaser sent Crawford a note of congratulations. Likely, more meaningful to Crawford than any award or article. Each 117 spread is a work of art in … Continued

Austin Kleon: Showing Your Work is an Act of Generosity.

  In 2012, artist and writer Austin Kleon gave us Steal Like an Artist. Now he brings us Show Your Work!: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered, described as “a book for people who hate the very idea of self-promotion.” He stopped by Seattle’s Town Hall on his book release tour and charmed us … Continued

Typeface Winner #1 Glober

I love using the classics—Helvetica, Frutiger, Gill Sans, Garamond,, etc.—but I need typefaces that are designed for print AND the screen. Many of the classics are not available for web use. I want typefaces optimized for screen readability and legibility. Whenever I am starting a new identity or logo design project, I keep in mind … Continued

Adorable Book Reminds Us to Embrace Friendship

I’ll never forget the feeling I had my first day in Seattle. It was rainy. I was full of self-doubt, alone, and scared. I had a knot in my stomach that lingered for weeks. This artsy book about friendship reminds me of this time. It reminds me of all the times I was lonely, the … Continued

Candid Intimate Portraits of Sleeping Parents-to-Be

Russian photographer Jana Romanova’s series called “Waiting” is simply stunning. Each image quickly pulls the viewer into the couples bedroom, into their lives. The series portrays young pregnant Russian couples sleeping in the early morning hours. Jana describes it as “the time when people don’t really care about their appearance, being natural. They are preparing … Continued

Literary Jukebox: A daily dose of music and literary inspiration.

A daily quote from a favorite book, thematically paired with a song. This is a side project from one of my favorite bloggers Maria Popova. “Every living thing is, from the cosmic perspective, incredibly lucky simply to be alive. Most, 90 percent and more, of all the organisms that have ever lived have died without viable … Continued

Jessica Hagy’s New Book How to Live at the Intersection of Wonder, Awe, and Curiosity

Jessica Hagy’s new book How to Be Interesting: (In 10 Simple Steps), is less of a guide on how to be interesting and more of a way to push yourself to live at the intersection of wonder, awe, and curiosity. Hagy’s simple life lessons, paired down to a few sentences and a fun hand drawn graph shows us how to lead a richer life. This reads as dose of inspiration and would make a great graduation gift.

Robert Currie Recycles Videotape Ribbons for Large Scale Art Installations

London artist Robert Currie transforms gallery spaces with the simple materials of old cassette and video tape ribbons. His large scale installations explore the contrast of positive and negative, rational and irrational, and as stated in his artist statement “the inevitability of the emergence of order from disorder.” These repetitive reflective textures change based on your physical position … Continued

New Seattle Street Art Book—A Time Capsule of Urban Aesthetics

  Awhile back we posted about a Snapshot of  Seattle Street Art. Since then A. Tarantino has been busy documenting the ever evolving street art in Seattle. He is following up his original book with Seattle Street Art: A Visual Time Capsule Beyond Graffiti (Volume 2), and is in the process of publishing Seattle Street Art (Volume 3) due … Continued


This is my favorite film title sequence it recent memory. I liked the movie, but I might not have been open to the dark and uncomfortable places the film went if not for this opening sequence. It is perfectly abrasive. It does what a great title sequence should do, it sends clear signals without revealing … Continued

Laser-cut Honey Labels

2011 was the year I learned to keep bees. I got stung about a dozen times. I began the season with two hives and ended with one (moment of silence). I accidentally smashed more of the little ladies than I care to count. I was made to feel even worse about my failings by this … Continued

Me Link Pretty One Day

No web page has ever been “here”. Google uses the textual content of links to determine the subject of the linked page. There are some simple practices that can make the links you create more valuable. Bad: The Bob Loblaw Law Blog is here. The link doesn’t contain any words that are relevant to the … Continued

The Space Needle View in 1962

Vintage Seattle is cool blog that looks at Seattle’s history with hi-res vintage photos and illustrations. Photo shows a view south toward downtown Seattle from the Space Needle. The tracks for the Monorail run toward downtown. The edge of the observation platform is visible at the bottom of the photo. 1962. Image courtesy Washington State … Continued

Street Art in Cleveland: A Season for Change

I saw this urban mural near Detroit Ave. on a recent visit to Cleveland, Ohio. Google image search didn’t lead me to the artist, so I am not sure who to credit. I did find images of the almost complete colorful street mural, references to this Walt Whitman poem, and that it was commissioned by Cleveland Public Theatre. … Continued

The Decisive Moment

“There is nothing in this world that does not have a decisive moment” —Henri Cartier-Bresson Apparently the decisive moment even applies to shuttin’ off the TeeVee. I really like the photographs in Stephan Tillmans’ Luminant Point Arrays project. He captures these beautiful minimal images that I’m sure I’ve seen a million times without ever thinking … Continued

Do what you like. Repeat.

Found this on a blog I recently discovered and love, Thinking aloud, You are what you share. Sometimes, we just need to simplify life.

Embrace your inner three-year-old.

My niece Sara Jo at age three:) I watched this Neil Pasricha’s TED Talk a few days ago and it has really stuck with me. According to Neil the key to living a rich meaningful life is all about the 3 A’s of Awesome: Attitude, Awareness, and Authenticity. Attitude is having the courage to face … Continued


My favorite color is all-of-them, unfortunately you can’t use all-of-them at once usually. The closest you can come is a nice set of primaries. RYB, CMYK, and RGB are all great choices. Artists Carnovsky (Francesco Rugi & Silvia Quintanilla) have created a beautiful installation that plays with space, light, and primary colors. Currently on display … Continued

Simplicity Home Energy—Brand Identity Design

Simplicity Home Energy, specializes in residential energy efficiency in the Pacific Northwest. Simplicity hired Blank Space to do design their identity system and website. See the final logo and our computer sketches below. The trademark, although the most important key element, can never tell the whole story. At best it conveys one or two notions … Continued

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Capsized boat art, entitled “Love love” A fantastic piece of art from artist Julien Berthier. It is the perfect vessel if you love people speeding towards you and asking “Do you need any help?”. So good I wish I thought of it first.

Vacuum Cleaners Made from Salvaged Ocean Trash

Electrolux introduces its Vac from the Sea initiative: vacuum cleaners constructed with pieces of ocean debris. Each of the five vacuum cleaners pictured above represents the ocean or sea where the plastics originated. They are fully functional, and built with the same core as the Ultra One Green-model vacuum cleaners. This Swedish company has scavenged … Continued

The Incredible Crocheted World of Olek

olimpius nr 1, © olek I recently discovered the Polish Artist Olek and I love her colorful, thought-provoking installations. Olek herself says about her work:”I think crochet, the way I create it, is a metaphor for the complexity and interconnectedness of our body and its systems and psychology. The connections are stronger as one fabric … Continued

Set shields to Dazzle!

Dazzle camouflage was a painting technique used on ships during World War I and II. The goal was to make it difficult to estimate the ship’s type, speed and direction upon initial sighting. The painted ships had the unintended effects of boosting crew morale and creating a spectacle at the docks. Massive vessels painted up … Continued

Finally. The Money Book for Freelancers.

I found this gem at the library last week. It is a refreshing look at personal finances. The authors are real, to the point, and entertaining. I highly recommend this book to any freelancers, sole-proprietors, and anyone with an irregular income. Here’s the synopsis: This is a personal finance book for people like us, and … Continued

A celebration of 25 years of Montessori Education

Pacific Crest School is celebrating 25 years of excellence in Montessori education! This is the logo we created for the occasion. The layering of simple shapes captures the fun and dynamic energy of Pacific Crest. It can stand alone, or work along side with the School’s logo (as pictured above). The festivities kick-off on September … Continued

Vintage National Parks Posters

National Geographic has a cool selection of vintage U.S. Parks posters. The posters were produced in response to the Great Depression as part of the WPA, artwork was created for public buildings while assisting struggling artists. Our current Great Recession has inspired more and more people to get out and enjoy a relatively cheap national … Continued

Tourists vs Locals

Where are the hot photo spots in your city? Eric Fischer took the time to create city maps based on Flickr’s geotag data. Tourist photos are red, locals are blue, and yellow is unknown. If you are a tourist, this is a great way to find out where the locals hang out.

Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary, an imposing castle, was built to watch over the citizens of Philadelphia. It held prisoners for 141 years, from 1829 to 1971. It was initially designed to hold prisoners in complete isolation. The Quakers of Pennsylvania thought that undisturbed reflection would turn scoundrels into a citizens. To achieve this isolation the building … Continued

The Creative Class: Stefan Sagmeister

The Creative Class ep. #5 – Stefan Sagmeister from The Creative Class on Vimeo. “If I am communicating with anybody, I would love to communicate with a human.” —Stefan Sagmeister A little Monday morning inspiration. Graphic designer and typographer Stefan Sagmeister talks about technology in his stunning studio space. The Creative Class is a series of … Continued

Hand lettered travel quote: I travel not to go anywhere…

I adore this quote by novelist Robert Louis Stevenson: I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move. As many of you embark on your summer travels, I give you this thought provoking quote by Robert Louis Stevenson. What makes you like, love, or … Continued

Art Book Reads: Self-Portrait As Your Traitor by Debbie Millman

Self-Portrait As Your Traitor by Debbie Millman This large format book is a glimpse into Debbie Millman’s explorations of hand lettering and the written word. It is part sketchbook, part journal. Millman herself is part artist, part designer, part poet. Many reviews are calling the book a collection of visual essays. I think it is … Continued

Join us for First Thursday Art Walk at CMD+P

  Update: My hand lettering and street art photography pieces from Buenos Aires are now available on Etsy. “It is not enough to be industrious; so are the ants. What are you industrious about?” I am excited for this show and tell event called First Thursday Art Walk in Seattle. I am showing my new hand lettering art … Continued