Our Ideation Process: A Tessellation Murmuration

We like to start every project with a brainstorming session. The theme for the 2017 Bridge Conference is Together We Rise. We thought of birds in flight rising to the sky. We thought about how powerful it can be when people (or birds) work together.

This led us to the idea of starling murmurations. A murmuration is a flock of birds that create beautiful formations as they fly as a group. Take a moment to check out the video of the murmuration phenomenon if you’re not familiar. It is a striking display. I’d love to see one up close and personal some day.


The murmuration concept led us to the idea of an Escheresque tessellation. A tessellation is a pattern of shapes that fit perfectly together. This led to the tessellation murmuration bird design, the interconnected tiles communicate the idea of working together towards a common goal.

tessellation sample design, birds by riley raker

See how these ideas translated into the final visual design for the School’s Out Washington Bridge Conference. We created event graphics for print, web banners, and html emails. It is one of our favorite projects of 2017.