DIY Platform Bed

cali king bed platform diyWhen we need a new piece of furniture I often try to make a project out of it. This is because I’m cheap and I need to make something outside of a computer occasionally. When we upgraded our bed to a California King I decided I would make the platform for the new foam mattress. The goal was to make it as inexpensive and simple as possible. The whole thing is made of two sheets of plywood cut for me at the Home Depot and screwed together at home. It cost about $80, took an afternoon to make, and is basically invisible with the bed made–just what I wanted.


Here is an Imgur slideshow of my DIY bed platform process.

DIY Bed Platform—Cut at the store and under $100

bed platform layout

And here is a PDF of the template if you’d like to use it. Remember to adjust the measurements for other bed sizes.