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5 Tips for Hiring and Working with a Graphic Designer

You are Ready to do Great Things with your Business

You know first impressions matter. You are ready to hire a design professional to visualize your brand. This article is written for you. It is a quick guide to hiring and working with designers. These tips will help your process go smoothly.

1. Make a Plan

Before you start your search for a graphic designer make a list of the design materials you need. What are the most important items? How much are you are willing to spend? When are your deadlines? Make a short-term and long-term plan for your design needs. This plan will help guide your process of choosing a designer.

2. Be Specific and Direct

Clearly define what you want. Articulate the goals of your project. Be prepared to share as many details as possible. Clarify if you need an identity design, illustration, website, html email, printed collateral, display, information graphics, and/or packaging. Make a plan of your short and long-term need. This will allow you to access each designers’ skill set, making it easier to find the right designer for you.

Designers understand that you may not know exactly how something should look (that’s their job). A good designer takes the time to listen to your ideas and learns more about your company or organization. This knowledge translates into the look and feel of your brand.

3. Be Upfront about Your Terms and Budget

An honest conversation about your budget and important deadlines will go a long way. Designers may adjust their process to meet your needs. For example, a designer may limit the number of design concepts or revisions to reduce the total cost. Stating your budget upfront, will allow you to work with the best designers available within your price range. Otherwise, you may waste your time with designers who are under-skilled or too expensive.

4. Professional Calm Communication

All designers have been burnt at some point by unprofessional clients. Dishonesty or rudeness will give designers the idea that you are an undesirable client. You deserve to be treated in a professional manner, and so does your designer. If something is not going as expected, call and resolve the issue at hand. Designers want their clients to be happy. If you’re not happy, let your designer know.

5. Review Portfolios and Credentials

When reviewing work samples be sure to look at the details. Imagery should be memorable and appropriate for each project. Excellent design will communicate and motivate. Ask designers how their work led to concrete tangible results. Look for designers who are able to simply communicate multiple levels of meaning. These designers will make you look good and produce meaningful designs. Are you still unsure? Ask for a reference that you can call or email for assurance.

While it can be helpful if a designer has experience with your particular industry, it is not always necessary. It may even breath a breathe of fresh air and deliver a new perspective to your product. Excellent design can transcend most media. A good designer will tell you upfront if they aren’t right for the job.

We all Want Success

Value your designer as a respected partner and you both will flourish. Contact Blank Space to tell us about your project and get a custom quote. Best of luck in your search!