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Empower Therapy for Women

Empower Therapy for Women believes that every woman has a wellspring of strength inside of her. Dr. Holly Kozee founded Empower to help women regain a sense of control and authorship in their lives. Women spend so much energy trying to be the best mother / wife / worker / student / housecleaner / caretaker / all-of-the-above that you can be. Too often this causes women to lose their connection to their inner power. Holly promotes cultivating self-compassion and finding a healthy balance to meet your own needs. Her goal is to empower each woman to live a fulfilling life, even in the face of the many changes, challenges, and heartbreaks that life throws our way.

Empower Therapy Identity and Logo Design

Blank Space created a versatile and memorable logo for Empower. The logo mark or icon design shows an energetic motion, a change, and an evolution. The orange and red conveys the warmth, creativity, and passion that makes Empower Thereapy successful. The teal and gray provides a strong foundation, a grounding that is essential in being honest with yourself.

​Empower provides individual and group psychotherapy to provide tools that aid women in their own self-healing or self-actualization. In-person sessions are provided in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Tele-therapy is also available. Dr. Holly Kozee specializes in postpartum depression and anxiety, self-esteem, and healing from partner infidelity and divorce. We enjoyed working with Holly to create a new logo design to represent her vision for helping empower women. We wish her the best of luck!