Alfstad Capital

Brand Identity System for Alfstad Capital

Alfstad Capital works with community banks to manage their fixed-income portfolios. Their personal approach to business is refreshing. Owner Mike Alfstad exudes generosity, and financial wisdom. He is someone you immediately trust and want on you team. He takes the time to get to know each of his clients, almost as well as he knows the financial industry. Alfstad shares his diligent analysis with Profentia, a daily newsletter. Profentia provides a snapshot of today’s economic insight and gives analysts an entry point for their own research.


Alfstad hired Blank Space to create a new brand identity design. The logo design is a cornerstone made up of small circles. The square shape formed by circles speaks to stability, a sense of growth, and a future that builds upon the wisdom of the past. The color palette speaks to Alfstad Capital’s innovation and decades of experience.

Horizontal trifold marketing brochure designed for Alfstad Capital.

The new identity design provided a foundation for Alfstad’s new marketing materials. We designed a new brochure, website, company presentations, stationery, and html emails. Additionally, we designed and developed a mobile app for distributing the Profentia newsletter. The app (pictured right) delivers their daily newsletter directly to iPhones and iPads.

Sample website design for Alfstad Capital.

We have worked on projects large and small with Alfstad Capital and it is always a pleasure. We enjoying helping them present their financial knowledge with visual sophistication.