Adopt a Street Logo Design by Blank Space LLC


We designed a new logo for Adopt a Street, Seattle’s grassroots litter-removal program. Volunteers choose a street to take care of, receive free clean up supplies (large bags!), and are supported by the Adopt a Street Staff. We enjoyed working with Jenny, Jenn, and Darius to bring this logo to life. Have you seen this logo out in the wild? Take a photo and send it to us!

I was born with obligations to serve past, present, and future generations, and the planet herself.”
—Stan Rushworth, Cherokee elder

WA Single-use Bag Ban Flyer

Today is the first day of the Washington state single-use bag ban. So say your goodbyes to this majestic trash bird that floats through our skies, sails through our seas, and clogs up our drains. We were happy to work with the Washington State Department of Ecology and Seattle Public Utilities to produce some materials … Continued

How to Describe Type

What’s the difference between a Sans Serif and a Serif typeface? Here’s a basic visual introduction to help you describe different styles of type. Defining a Serif Typeface A serif is the right-angled or oblique foot at the end of a stroke. Sample serifs or feet are circled in the sample of the serif typeface of … Continued

Our Ideation Process: A Tessellation Murmuration

We like to start every project with a brainstorming session. The theme for the 2017 Bridge Conference is Together We Rise. We thought of birds in flight rising to the sky. We thought about how powerful it can be when people (or birds) work together. This led us to the idea of starling murmurations. A … Continued

Seattle City Flag Redesign

In the spirit of two of my favorite podcasts, Hello Internet and 99 Percent Invisible, I decided to redesign the Seattle city flag. Seattle’s current flag was designed by councilman Paul Kraabel for the Goodwill Games. Both Mr. Kraabel and the Goodwill Games are a bit before my time, but I always have time for … Continued

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for. —Milton Glaser

DIY Platform Bed

When we need a new piece of furniture I often try to make a project out of it. This is because I’m cheap and I need to make something outside of a computer occasionally. When we upgraded our bed to a California King I decided I would make the platform for the new foam mattress. The … Continued

professional designer desk from above

5 Tips for Hiring and Working with a Graphic Designer

You are Ready to do Great Things with your Business You know first impressions matter. You are ready to hire a design professional to visualize your brand. This article is written for you. It is a quick guide to hiring and working with designers. These tips will help your process go smoothly. 1. Make a … Continued