Equity & Environment

The Equity & Environment Initiative (EEI) is a program designed to address disparities in Seattle’s environmental work. The program was started by the City of Seattle’s Office of Sustainability & Environment. Blank Space worked closely with the EEI team to design a brand identity system, a report outlining goals and strategies, and easy-to-understand information graphics from a complex data set.

Equity & Environment Identity Design

Blank Space created a versatile brand that would be used across mediums. The brand cascades across internal documents, powerpoints, infographics, and publications. The typeface signature logo acts an official stamp of approval from the EEI program. It includes a photo bank of authentic images collected from community members, other city departments, and affordable stock photography. The vibrant color palette reflects their hope for the future. Secondary logo color variations were created to complement the city of Seattle branding. The tagline may be added to any logo version.

Equity & Environment Logo Design, Color Variations

Illustrations and Infographics

EEI has a wealth of research and data about environmental disparities nationally and in the city of Seattle. Blank Space reviewed all their key data points and suggested a subset of data to tell a compelling story. We created a series of illustrations to convey their data sets. It shows how different levels of environmental access and resources affect underserved communities. The illustrations draw the viewer in by daily issues, like: commutes, city park access, and air quality. The use of common daily activities creates approachable easy-to-understand information graphics.

Food hardships illustration and infographic created for the City of Seattle

Infographics Note: EEI Focus Areas are where communities of color, immigrants, refugees, people with low incomes and limited-English proficiency tend to live.

Publication Design

We worked closely with the EEI team to design the Equity & Environment Agenda. This community report is a blueprint to advance racial equity in Seattle’s environmental work. The Agenda lays out four key goal areas and recommended strategies in each area. We designed an icon for each of their key strategies. Vibrant photography helps tell the EEI story. The images communicate their goals of creating healthy environments for all to enjoy.

The Equity & Environment Agenda was released on Earth Day in 2016. It has been translated to Spanish to increase access. The EEI identity design, ten open house poster board graphics, 42-page Agenda, and information graphics were completed in 10 weeks. We are looking forward to continuing our work with EEI. View a PDF of the complete Equity & Environment Agenda.