Arbor Day Poster Design

poster design with a giant Garry Oak leaf

Seattle Celebrates Arbor Day!

The National Arbor Day observance is celebrated on the last Friday in April. However, many states and municipalities have implemented state or locally recognized Arbor Days that reflect the best time for planting regionally. Here in Seattle we celebrate Arbor Day in October.

Join the celebration of trees in the Rainier Valley! The Rainier Valley is home to Seattle’s oldest and largest Garry oak trees, Washington’s only native oak. Volunteer to plant new Garry oaks and other tree species, as well as to care for existing trees. Arbor Day activities include an Ask an Arborist booth, a neighborhood Tree Walk, apple cider press, trash pickup, bird spotting, and more! All ages and abilities welcome.

Blank Space was happy to be contracted by the City of Seattle for this years marketing graphics and poster design for Arbor Day.