Sound Sanctuaries? Exhibition

Protect Our National Parks

Our national parks are among the last havens for biodiversity, yet they face serious threats. National Parks Conversation Association’s (NPCA) Sound Sanctuaries? exhibit educates the public about the state of regional wildlife.

Blank Space worked with NPCA to focus the exhibit content on the key issues. Endangered orca whales are threatened by heavy boat traffic and increased toxins. The Olympic marmot, which are only found in the Olympic mountains, are in decline. Chinook salmon stocks throughout the Northwest are a fraction of their historic levels. Each exhibit panel focused on one of the key issues of our Pacific Northwest wildlife.

Renowned photographer Art Wolfe generously provided stunning wildlife photography to complement each exhibit panel. We created information graphics to convey interesting facts, such as how Orca whales grow up to 32 feet, or almost as long as a school bus. Each panel calls attention to the serious threats facing the region’s complex ecosystem. NPCA’s exhibit educates the public on how we can work together to protect these species and inspires people to take action.

It was a pleasure working with NPCA on the Sound Sanctuaries? exhibit. We would love to design more exhibitions that educate the public about the natural world.