NPCA Vision Exhibition

Co-Owner, Mindi Raker first worked with the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) as a graphic design volunteer. As NPCA’s design needs grew they hired Blank Space for larger exhibit design projects.

NPCA’s Northwest Regional Office works to protect the natural beauty, wild landscapes, diverse wildlife, and rich heritage of the national parks in Oregon and Washington. They needed an exhibition for their Pioneer Square Visitors Center that clearly communicated their vision. Blank Space helped NPCA break their content into digestible and actionable groupings. The challenge was to pull readers into the content and to create an exhibit that could be updated on a limited budget.

These icons communicate the four main components of NPCA’s vision and mission.


Each panel represented a core components of NPCA’s vision. One panel focused on coordinating efforts to help restore hiking trails in the parks. Another advocated to expand Olympic National Park. A third panel focused on protecting native species, such as the Washington wolves. A fourth shared stories of visitors exploring the parks. We created icons to visually represent each core component. The icons identify each topic and were easily recognized from a distance. The use of beautiful sky imagery proclaims the splendor of our country’s national parks, while the charcoal sketches evoke the contemplation and rejuvenation that only nature can provide.

America’s national parks are the touchstones of our shared history and culture. In some ways, they represent the soul of the nation. They represent our hopes, our dreams, our struggles. They are our absolute best places.

—Tom Kiernan, NPCA President

Park visitors’ photos and stories were mounted individually to each panel. NPCA provided a drop box for more people to share their photos and stories. Letters to congress were available for activist to add to, sign, and submit. The movable panels and layered images kept activists updated about the latest conservation efforts.

We are happy to play a small role in helping NPCA motivate concerned citizens to take action to protect America’s national parks.