Three children benefiting from SOWA programs, image from their annual report graphics.

SOWA Annual Report

School's Out Washington Annual Report cover design—Helping Youth Reach Their Full Potential

Annual Report Design

School’s Out Washington (SOWA) is a nonprofit that advocates for and supports youth programs. We’ve worked with them on several projects and were thrilled for the opportunity to design their 2015 annual report.

The annual report gives SOWA the chance to share their passion and progress. Their progress can be measured in numbers of programs created, providers trained, or children reached. We reflect that progress through graphs and info-graphics that draw the reader into the data. The stories of individual educators, children, families, and communities are another way to highlight their progress over the past year. These stories paired with authentic photography emphasize that SOWA’s impact goes beyond what just numbers can convey.

sample spread from SOWA's annual report
Sample spread from SOWA's annual report: What Does Quality Look Like?
Sample spread from SOWA's annual report: Growing STEM
Sample stats from SOWA's annual report, shows total grant data $566,000 and 1,500 children impacted.
Sample stats from SOWA's annual report, 2015 numbers at a glance.

Through our design process and collaboration with SOWA we created a compelling annual report with a playful design. The half-sheet size of the report is approachable and matches their previous reports. We combined their vibrant brand colors, engaging photography, and concise copy to created an annual report that reaches its full potential.