John Osgood Triptych Scars featured on portfolio website design by Blank Space

John Osgood

A Fusion of Street Art and Studio Art

Co-owners Mindi and Riley Raker feel lucky their paths have intertwined with Seattle artist John Osgood. His enthusiasm for art and creative collaboration is inspiring. They loved working with him and Michele Osgood on the Bherd website and Anniversary book. Teaming up to design Osgood’s portfolio website was no different.

Osgood’s signature in the website header shows the authentic nature of his work. His personality and raw emotions are apparent in each stroke of paint. The clean web design layout creates a space where the vibrant colors and textures of Osgood’s art come to the foreground. The use of black and white graphics and a restrained color palette gives the artwork the focus and attention it deserves.

Being big fans of John’s work Mindi and Riley did a partial trade for designing and developing his portfolio website. They now have a John Osgood original hanging in their living room.

John Osgood's new portfolio website (screenshot)
John Osgood's new portfolio website built on WordPress (screenshot)

Mindi & Riley took the time to listen to our vision for John’s new site and when they brought us back to see the mock-up, they had hit the mark right from the get go.
—Michele Osgood

John Osgood's portfolio website built on WordPress with illustration in the footer (screenshot)