Downtown Spirits mural closeup

Downtown Spirits Mural—Seattle at Seventh & Stewart

Mountains, clouds, patterns, and echoes. 100mph red and joyful orange.

We are thrilled to present our biggest creation yet—the Downtown Spirits mural on Seventh Avenue and Stewart Street in Seattle.

We designed the mural using brand elements created during the Downtown Spirits brand refresh. The new location opened in August. It is the first checkout-free beer, wine, and spirits shopping experience using Just Walk Out technology by Amazon. The mural is complete in time to celebrate the holidays and the beginning of the new year.


Downtown Spirits mural street view


We titled the concept that evolved into the final mural Checkered Mixology. We were thinking of the ingredients and spirits that can be mixed into endless variations of delicious libations. Our goal was to use the Downtown Spirits colors and patterns in the same way. To create a selection of unique squares with the energy of a lively cocktail party. Cloud textures weave through the peaks of the patterns and mimic the clouds in our mountains and skyline.


Downtown Spirits mural colorful squares and patterns daytime
Downtown Spirits mural colorful squares and patterns nighttime


We collaborated with muralist and painter Efflux Creations to create a design that would have a successful journey from idea to screen to wall. As we see it brought to life at 108 x 30 feet, we are equally impressed with the sharpness of the lines and fluffiness of the clouds.

We give credit to Downtown Spirits proprietor Marques Warren for being open to so many concepts and ideas. He worked with us to create something bright, bold, and functional. We hope it becomes a landmark and touchpoint for all who pass by.

We highly recommend a visit to Downtown Spirits!